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Step-by-Step Plasma Donation Process


Upon arrival to the plasma center, you will be greeted by one of our friendly plasma center team members. Sign in and provide the team member with the following:
A valid government issued ID
Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID, or Birth Certificate
Proof of Social Security
Social Security Card
Proof of Address
A utility bill that has been postmarked within the past 60 days. We only accept donors who reside within a forty-five (45) mile radius of the center.


After a brief wait in our lobby, one of our friendly plasma center associates will guide you to a booth:
  • You will answer a series of medical history questions; It is important to answer these questions truthfully to ensure that you are in good health before starting the plasma donation process.
  • We will measure and record: your weight, temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.
  • We will then take a small blood sample. This will allow us to determine if the protein levels within your blood are in the acceptable range.


On your first visit, you will receive a complete physical exam. A member of our medical team will review your medical history and give you a brief physical exam to determine if you are suitable for donation.


Once you are determined to be an eligible donor, you will be greeted by a trained phlebotomist and taken to the plasma donation area where you will begin your donation process. A specialized medical device will separate your plasma from your other blood components through a safe, automated process called plasmapheresis.


You will receive compensation electronically via a “pay-sign” card upon completing your first donation. From your second donation onward, the funds are automatically uploaded to your card following each successful plasma donation.