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Lauderhill Plasma Donation Center

About Hemarus Plasma

Hemarus centers are FDA-licensed facilities specializing in the collection of human plasma used to make essential medications for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Our work and your donation help to ensure that tens of thousands of people are able to live normal, healthy lives.https://hemarus-plasma.com/hemarus-plasma/?preview=true

Our plasma centers are managed by a team of experts who have extensive experience in the specialized field of plasma collection. Hemarus provides a safe, professional, and pleasant donation environment. We are committed to our work because lives depend on us.




Our Values

  • Customer Experience- Our donors can expect a high-end, professional, safe, and comfortable environment when they enter our facilities. All donors are appreciated and encouraged to return regularly.

  • Safety- Your safety and health are of utmost importance. All equipment and materials are sterile and for one-time use only. Plasma center team members receive ongoing training to provide a safe and pleasant experience. Plasma donation is strictly regulated by government authorities. In addition, companies adhere to voluntary standards through International Quality Plasma Program certification. Centers are inspected and certified by independent auditors and adhere to regulatory reporting requirements.

  • Quality– All of our plasma products are collected, stored, tested, transported, and delivered maintaining strict adherence to FDA, cGMP, CBER, OSHA, and PPTA regulations and guidance.

  • Innovation- We are constantly striving for improvement. Whether it’s automation, information systems, or safer and cutting-edge equipment we are committed to excellence and innovation in everything we do.

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